The company Agrika International is actively working onward the wholesale of meat around the world.

Large volumes of supplies can guarantee competitive prices for the products.

The main exporters are North and South America and the European Union.

Meat is one of the most consumed products in the world. In 2015 the production of pork amounted to 119.4 million tons, beef - 58.7 million tons, poultry - 106,4 million tons. Agrika International sources various meat products. Please contact us directly for any specific product not listed.

We always have main positions:

  • Pork: sides, bless hums, shoulder, collars, trimming
  • Beef: round cuts, full fore quarters, trimming, chuck/blade
  • Poultry: chicken legs, breast
  • Offal: liver, heart, tongue, fat (back, cutting), cheek, etc.

The fishing industry can rightly be called one of the most dynamically developing in the Russian economy. Agrika International sources various seafood products from around the world. Please contact us directly for any specific product not listed.

The main countries from which we supply the fish – Chile, EU, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia.

Consumption of fish and seafood in the world is rapidly growing. In the line of frozen products our company presents 2 main fish segments:

  • cod
  • heck
  • saury
  • salmon
  • pangasius
  • trout
  • sea bass
  • dorada
  • oyster
  • lobster
  • caviar
  • shrimp
  • squid
  • mussels
  • sea cocktail

Experienced managers of Agrika International have extensive experience with perishable products.

Having our own packing stations and long-term contracts with producers of fresh fruits and vegetables we are able to supply the highest quality product at the best prices.

The main exporter of fruits and vegetables are Morocco, South Africa and Latin America. We supply potatoes, cucumber, pepper, garlic, tomato/orange, tangerine, apple, grape, pineapple, pomegranate and other, including exotic products.

Agrika International is well versed in supplying fruits and vegetables across the globe. Our managers have years of on hand knowledge working with local, national, and international suppliers of fruits and vegetables. We ensure that all products are packaged fresh and arrive on time. All of our products are fully compliant with EU, US, and the Russian Federation.

A special role in the history of civilization is played by the crops, without which it is simply impossible to imagine our lives.

It should be noted that the rapid development of civilization in many respects is due to the fact that people have begun to use the grasses for food and has developed a technology to produce flour. It then became appreciated agriculture. It took a century to create a truly valuable and productive culture.

And today the agricultural sector remains highly important to the economy and the life of mankind.

Agrika International works with wheat and oilseed producers in the United States and Brazil to export thousands of tons of grain for human and animal consumption. Contact a specialist today to find out more about grain shipments.