«Agrika International Inc.»

Agrika International Inc specializes in the export of frozen, dry, and fresh food products around the world. We always take a "customer first" approach. We work with each client individually and assess how we can help source the correct product fast and efficiently. Our team of experts hail from multiple countries, speak many different languages and all have specialization in each part of the supply chain process. Therefore, we are able to provide clients with world class service and highly competitive rates. Take advantage of our purchasing power and improve your bottom line with Agrika Internationa Inc.

Our specialization is based, but is not limited to trading frozen meat, chicken and seafood, fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, and grain crops of different varieties.

All products are certified and fully meet the highest international quality standards.

The company's team members have got a huge experience, an excellent market knowledge and an extensive client base across the globe.

We set ourselves targets to develop cooperation with large companies, as well as small and medium businesses.

The main motto of the company – customer orientation. Absolutely all clients are important for us, making it possible to approach individually each and every one.

We can provide competitive rates, similar to the purchasing price of large companies.

The business strategy is based on tracking and forecasting the economic situation on the world stage, as well as marketing regional analysis enables us to occupy a stable niche and develop on a global scale.